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The End

Authors: The idea was from nowiswonkyu and the story line made by ChoiGyu_
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Word Count: 1,545
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: not ours
Summary: When someone you loved the most has forgotten about you.
A/N: This is really short story so yeah..

                “Tell me and I’ll leave your Sajangnim and you...” Says the man as scary as he can.

                “I won’t tell you anything even you force me to… “ Says kyuhyun with a smirk, he trying to be calm but deep inside his heart, he’s been praying for his lovely sajangnim and the company he worked for. 

                The man almost lost his patience to this nerd but gorgeous assistant of his enemy for the past 3 days since he kidnapped this boy.  But something holds him, “I’ll make sure you will regret your words”.


                Siwon walks like an iron in his office. He is so messed up. He looks like one of the earthquake victims right now. He can’t sleep even eat a proper food since the last time his cute assistant told him he wanted to buy a dinner for them  just because he doesn’t want Siwon feels hungry when working.  He has been told to all his bodyguards to search his assistant and until now the result is nothing. It’s been 3 days though...

                He lean to the window behind him that showing the night view of the beautiful city of Seoul. A little thing that his beloved assistant like. He suddenly remembered the last time he was back hugging his assistant while watching the beautiful view with a glass of wine. A simple thing that makes him happy and comfortable at the same time.

                He covers his face with his hands. He’s so frustrated. What if something bad happen to him? What if he hurts? He shook his head as if he can’t imagine what if he lost him. Maybe he won’t this frustrating if he has no feeling, a deep feeling which more than an ordinary feeling between sajangnim and his assistant. The way his assistant took care of him makes his heart turns from a cold heartless man to a warm kindhearted man. He can’t deny it anymore until he bravely confessed his feeling towards the nerd-gorgeous boys. And happiness always filled his heart since the assistant shyly confessed his feeling too makes he hugs the boy and shower him with a lot of kisses and end it with a passionate long kiss that makes the boy moans from pleasure.

                He let out a deep sigh, ‘Kyuhyun-ah…. Where are you, baby…?’ He whispers it softly. Then suddenly out from nowhere his phone office rang. He immediately answers it.


                “Hahaha such a sweet man. Hi Choi Siwon, cancel your contract with Alpha Company right now or you’ll never see your cute assistant again. “

                Siwon’s eyes widened in shock “Get. Off. Your. Dirty. Hands. From. Him!!" Siwon tighten his fist on the table. "Who are you?!” He feels ready to explode.

                “You know who I am, hahahaha. Make it fast and meet me to pick up your assistant. “

                “Tell me the place and time!” says Siwon almost scream.

                “Tomorrow 10.13 pm, hill field. Bring the files and alone.”

                And with that the man ended the conversation not letting Siwon says a few words again. Siwon then punch his desk hardly. Blood starts to flow from his hands, he ignored it. He’s become more confused right now. Suddenly his office’s door open and one of his bodyguard come in.

                “Sajangnim! We found Mr. Cho!“ Says the bodyguard between his breaths.

                Siwon jump from his seat, “Call Mr. Jung. Tell him I want to ask a help from him.”  The bodyguard nods and run out from the office. Siwon put his coat and took his car key on his desk and go to meet Mr. Jung.


                “Where are the files?” ask the man impatiently. His bodyguards are all surrounding them right now. Siwon only came alone as he has been told.

                “I want to see him first… I want to make sure he’s alright… “Says Siwon. His eyes were looking to the black van which parked not too far from them.

                “I don’t know he’s that important to you… Bring the boy here“, Order the man to his bodyguards.

                Finally  the boy he’s been looking for these past few day, the boy who have taken a half part of his soul, even Siwon doesn’t realize his feeling was going way to deep to his assistant until now when he finally able to see him again, he feels alive. He is so relieved and a smile formed on his flawless face.

                “Kyuhyun….”  He whispers it softly as if the boy can hear him from a far. The boy still use his latest cloth when he said he wanna buy dinner for them. His hand is tied behind his back and his eyes are covered with a black material. Siwon’s heart is aching seeing the boy’s condition.

                Suddenly the black material is released and the first thing the boy sees as he opens his eyes is his beloved Sajangnim who looks extremely handsome without his expensive suit. Only a white shirt and a black leather jacket.

                “Sajangnim!” shouts Kyuhyun surprised. “Why are you here? You supposed to have a meeting with the Alpha Company. You must get the contract for your father. “

                Siwon smiled again as he hear his assistant still can say such a thing when he’s being kidnapped because of that.

                “Hurry released to boy! We run out of time!” order the man. And then Kyuhyun was release and pushed into Siwon. Siwon was ready to catch him.

                “Can you just let me walk instead of pushing me? “ Protest Kyuhyun as he rubs his forehead which hit Siwon’s chest.

                Siwon soothe the boy’s back and give the man the files.

                “What’s that? Sajangnim? No! You can’t give the man that files! It’s very important for you! Sajangnim! “Kyuhyun shake Siwon’s body impatiently, he want an answer of all this. But Siwon just smile weakly to him. He circle his arm around Kyuhyun’s back, lead the boy to his car.

                “Nice to have a business with you, Choi Siwon. “  Says the man as he head back to his car too.

                As soon as Kyuhyun inside Siwon’s car, there were many black vans coming and may people wearing mask with some weapon came out from the vans. And suddenly they all involved in a huge fight with the man and his bodyguards.

                Siwon seated Kyuhyun and fasten his seatbelt. “Don’t go anywhere. Stay here until I come back. Get it? “Order Siwon seriously. His eyes staring to the boys eyes. Kyuhyun feels confused and scared so he just nodded to Siwon’s order. Siwon then caress Kyuhyun’s chubby check lovingly before he go back to start fighting.

                “Siwonie... “ called Kyuhyun. He can’t hide his fear. He’s still doesn’t believe that it’s happen to him. Siwon froze as he hears the way Kyuhyun calling him. He slowly turns to see Kyuhyun, wanna make sure he’s not mistaken it. But suddenly Kyuhyun get up and kiss him passionately, let him shocked by the boy’s sudden action. He then wraps his arm around the boy and hug him tightly like there’s no tomorrow.

                “Don’t get hurt, I’ll be waiting. “ Says kyuhyun as he gives Siwon a peck and release his hug.

                Siwon smile widely showing his adorable dimple “I will… baby… “.


                Kyuhyun can’t stop praying while watching the fight. His eyes always watched Siwon. He has no idea that his Sajangnim is a fighter behind his calm attitude. He suddenly screaming Siwon’s name as he sees him being hit by a thick wood at the back of his head makes him fell down. He can’t hold it again, so he rushed to check Siwon’s condition.

                “Siwonie wake up!! Wake up!! Are you okay? “Kyuhyun hold Siwon’s head on his lap and shook Siwon’s body, waking him up. His eyes start teary as he keep calling Siwon’s name frantically. After a minute Siwon open his eyes.

                “Kyuhyun-ah… I told you to stay there right? “Says Siwon weakly. He raises his hand to wipe Kyuhyun’s tears. “Don’t cry… I’m okay. “Say him again.

                Kyuhyun can’t hold his tears again. Seeing Siwon like this makes his heart breaks into million pieces. And the next moment, he’s being pushed to the ground with a loud voice from a gun and Siwon’s body is lying on top of him.

                “I love you, Kyuhyun “whisper Siwon right in Kyuhyun’s ear before he passed out.


                Siwon open his eyes slowly. Adjusting the light with his eyes. He blinks repeatedly and when he tries to move his body, he feels like his body after being hit by a truck. He looks around. All white, means he’s in a hospital right now. ‘What happened to me? ‘He asks to himself.

                Finally after trying hard to get up, he can sit while lean to the head of the bed. And suddenly the door being open slowly with a nerd but cute boy come in. he has a plastic bag full of fruits in his hand.

                “Oh my God! Siwonie!! You awake!! Thanks god!” shouts Kyuhyun happily. He was about to hug Siwon when suddenly Siwon refused him. Makes the boy very shocked.

                “I’m sorry… but, who are you? Do I know you?” ask Siwon cold.
                Kyuhyun was frozen in his place, unbelieving what he just heard.
                'No... It couldn't be like this....'


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